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Donald Trump received an open letter from Afghan Taliban

Affirming public statement to President Donald Trump from Afghan Taliban, US State Department trusts the circumstance in Afghanistan was a consequence of the Taliban themselves.

In a news preparation, State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert affirmed getting Taliban’s open letter to US President and stated, “What is happening in Afghanistan is a consequence of the Taliban.”

Answer to an inquiry regarding withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the representative stated, “There are a great deal of different choices on the table that the U.S. government is thinking about as it audits its Afghan arrangement.”

In an open letter to US President Donald Trump, Afghan Taliban requesting that we pull back every one of its troops from Afghanistan. The letter says, “The war circumstance in Afghanistan is far more regrettable than you understand!”, including that the main reason keeping Taliban from seizing significant urban areas is the dread of enormous regular citizen losses.

As indicated by Reuters, the choice to address Trump specifically was intentionally planned to match with the US president’s alternatives on US arrangement in Afghanistan.

In a point by point letter written in English-dialect, the Taliban stated, “Past encounters have demonstrated that sending more troops to Afghanistan won’t bring about something besides assist annihilation of American military and conservative may.”

Calling the Afghan government as “numbskulls” and “lying, degenerate pioneers”, the letter said that they were giving a bogus photo of the military circumstance in Afghanistan.

The Taliban in Afghanistan meaning to reestablish Islamic administer have been pursuing a vicious rebellion against the Western-sponsored Afghan government.

“Everybody now comprehends that the principle driver of war in Afghanistan is outside occupation,” the Taliban letter explained.

“The Afghans have no evil expectation towards the Americans or whatever other country around the globe however in the event that anybody damages their sanctums then they are forceful capable at beating and overcoming the transgressors.”



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