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First Flight to Madina SET OFF on 24 July 

The pre Hajj flight starts from 24th of this July and continue till 26 August of this year,the Ministery of Religious aAffairs and interfaith harmony said that Hajj first flight will set off from Islamabad on 24th July.                                                                 The four airlines Air blue,Shaheen,PIA and Saudi Airline will take part in the Hajj trips. More than 107,000 people take part in the pilgrimage while 72000 go through the private scheme.                                          The return flights starts from 6 September and will continue till  6 October.An amount of Rs/130,50 would be non refundable for Qurbani arrangement. The Qurbani coupon would be purchased and delivered to the pilgrim before the Mina movement.Those who did not avail this will do their own arrangements.The pilgrims can check their flight details on ministry website.



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