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Fun made by an artist to paint Hillary Clinton on street

Hillary New Look By An Artist

Painting is the best way to express ideas and feeling. An artist paints because of his love to the object or hate to it. As a wise man said once, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” As we all know there are some painting that are worth in million. So this is a very large industry.

This is time it is different, a painting of Hillary Clinton is made on the walls of Australian street. The the street artist known as Lushsux. He is famous for his street art in term of nudity and porn. For his painting he has threatened for being sue by famous celebs. Lushsux’s portrayal of Clinton wearing a skimpy star-spangled bathing suit stuffed with dollar bills.

Lushsux received huge criticism from Democrats, because they think he has insulted their presidential nominee on the street. He responded by creating another masterpiece of Hillary, but this time in new way. “The image was already a viral meme circulating around social media. I took it and blew it up on a wall in public,” Lushsux said.

Lushsux painted Hillary this time wearing Burqa. And wrote these lines, “If this Muslim woman offends u, u r a bigot, racist, sexist Islamophobe.

hillary 2

Lushsux painting is in media, due to his new way of say no to Hillary. He criticises all the policies of her, not by talking and blogging but by painting, his anger out. For this painting his instagram account has been blocked, lusk said in one his tweet.

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