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Gold plus Diamond decorated Donald Trump iPhone has gained high popularity

It’s too astonishing that in Sharjah (Dubai),you see a gold plated model of Iphone named “Donald Trump costs too high i.e Dh550K ($151,000).

A very famous comapany of gold plating Goldgenie has newly laucnhed a distinctive  Donald Trump-themed iPhone 7.Its outer side is encapsulated with 24k gold and diamonds have shaped its inner part. This newly formed device has a high capacity encryption  and call privacy features.


A Chinese women had requested the company for this specific named model .But the the managing director of Goldgenie(retail store in China) had refused first ,later on requesting by the lady that she wanted to give it to trump as a gift  after inauguration, he introduced the model.

Goldgenie has decided to work on nine more orders of distinctive Trump iPhone.

Apart from this demand, many other customers of Goldgenie have demanded for devices designed by Trumpt’s face on it. Trumpt, of course has been  valued among elite.

In London, in 1989, Goldgenie initiated its work on demand of customers for desired gold plating structures.Now they are about to start gold plating in Qatar and South Arabia.

it’s not the Goldgenie alone in making gold plate Donald Trump iPhone but a Russian-Italian company named’Caviar” has planned to launch the same work in November.


Cavier’s custom iPhone 7 will look like an imprinted portrait of trump with gold back and tagline as ““Make America Great Again,”.It will cost about  $3,082 (197,000 rubles).

In 2014 Caviar has gained a rich popularity due to its gold plated Putin phone .

The company told, if anyone want to call himself a patriotic, he should buy a Putin phone.”



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1 Comment

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