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Imran Khan’s reaction against Trump’s Afghan policy is “Say No”

Similarly as India reprimands Pakistan for the indigenous Kashmiri uprisings when these are its very own consequence fizzled approach of military suppression in possessed Kashmir, so the US again points the finger at Islamabad for its profoundly imperfect and fizzled Afghan strategy extending over 10 years, said PTI Chief Imran Khan.

Reacting over US President Donald Trump’s Afghan Policy, Imran Khan, in arrangement of tweets, stated, “This should show Pakistan for the last time a significant lesson: never to battle others wars for the bait of dollars.”Khan said Pakistan has relinquished 70,000 lives in US war on fear. “We battled two wars in Afghanistan at the US command paying substantial human and financial costs the two times.” “Our economy endured over $100 billion in misfortunes. What’s more, there were impalpable expenses on our general public. Time for Pakistan to state: Never again.”



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