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Independence without freedom, 14 August is here again: Pakistan

A short Example of No Freedom

Pakistan is celebrating it 70 year of Independence, 1947 to 2016, a long way but not real independence has been achieved yet. The picture below is of a poor kid, selling flags, with torn cloths. I repeat selling flags and torn cloths, such a bad feeling for me that I forget we are independent nation.

No Freedom No Independence

No Freedom No Independence

Freedom is million milles away, when the poor sleep without food, without light in hot summer, nothing to wear old cloths on special occasion, when education should become only unachievable dream, when poor become poorer day by day and country without law and human respect, than its is called hell but not freedom.

When the green color in the flag bleeds red, when mother cry for their son, when only tears could been seen in the eyes of sister, when father has nothing to say about his son, killed without reason. When life become very inexpensive, when bomb blast in hospital, when there is no law and order. When respect to minorities should be crashed, when kids abduction will reported no big issue by IG Police, when rape case should treat as normal case at police station. Then this is called as no freedom and no independence.

A nation in which his own Prime Minister didn’t trust his own health services, and go for operation from London. A nation where leader’s sons study from foreign institutes, because they think that the level of education is very weak. They don’t trust their own education system. Nation where corruption rules everywhere, than the freedom is called as no freedom.

Whenever compromises are made on principles, on promises, on laws, the result will be short-term relief, but long-term entrapment. True freedom cannot be gained without struggle against a system of corruption and self-interest. True freedom cannot be gained without hardships; that is where leadership by example counts; that is where these leaders need to pay taxes themselves to be able to tax others; that is where these leaders need to declare their true wealth and bring their overseas money in to get others to do the same. With hidden wealth, hidden deals and hidden agendas, freedom is always going to be limited. When Quaid-e-Azam conceived this independent country he wanted it to be based on the three core values of unity, faith and discipline. It is the absence of these core values that has made independence just a 14th August event and not a moving force that can transform a country into a nation.





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