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Inter- institution dialogue vital for crisis resolution in state: 

Chairman senate Raza Rabbani called for interior -institutional dialogue to bring the country out of  its prevailing crisis and tackle ongoing issues.                                        Inter-institutional dialogue between the executive parliament and judiciary is imperative for paving the way for amicable solution of the country’s issues,Rabbani told a seminar organised in Quetta to remember lawyers who lost their lives in cival hospital suicide attack.              “The senate forum is ready to host this inter institutional dialogue, ” said Rabbani.  He added further democracy must prevail and rule of law must be ensured to make  Pakistan a strong country where there  is harmony and peace.                                           The Senate chairman said parliament has always proved to be the weakest institution in the  history of Pakistan, although limitations on all institutions are fixed under the 1973 constitution.                  On the security issue, he said the people of Pakistan are unsafe.



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