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Irani Hulk Died Fighting Islamic State Terrorist: Syria

Irani Hulk Died

Sajad Gharibi, was the strongest man in the world. who was 24 stone of near solid muscle and a huge fan following on Instagram, signed up for fighting against Islamic State terrorist in Syria. As volunteer fighter, he show his will to fight the most brutal killers of the world.

‘The Persian Hercules’, took oath to protect the holy shrine of Bibi Zainab (S.A) in Damascus, in the age of 24, joined the Freedom Fighter Force in Syria.

I have always said and will say that I will be a soldier for my country,” Gharibi said these words before joining the Quds Revolutionary Guards. Iran has been a key ally for Assad’s government and has provided it with financial and military backing to stop the great danger of entire world. Iran alone is doing good part with only Russia on his side to defeat Islamic State. They believe only solution to Islamic State Problem is to clean them from the face of the world with there dirty ideology.

Sajad Gharibi, will be remember as a hero, a will be missed forever by his fans, he was known for his kind heartedness. He stood against the evil of the century and sacrifice his life.

May God rest his soul in peace



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