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Iraq is fighting successful war against ISIS -Iraq

Iraq Unrest Hoping for Peace 

Some countries have bad lucks, Iraq is one of them. Brutal Saddam Regime ended when American came, they liberate the country. People thought they would live a happy life, than suddenly Islamic State stated capturing the cities.

From last many daces Iraqi people are living miserable life. Their live a very dark life, their kids turns into parent and parent into grand-parents but they witnessed a very poor life. Happiness ratio is to low and sadness covers entire area. Now a days Iraq give no guarantee to human life. Death marches the streets. But they are still hoping for best in their lives.

On December 30, 2006 Saddam Hussain has been executed, which ends up his brutality. But not many years of peace passed, the more brutal regime started their roots into the soil of Iraq. Which were stated from Syria and enters Iraq. They named there self as , “Islamic State of Iraq ans Syria”.

But this time the situation become changed, after rise of world most dangerous organisation. Which has an ultimate law of killing. Some great powers rooted them in these two countries (Iraq and Syria) by the help of Turkey and Saudi Arabia and some middles East states, to destroy these two nation. It turns that there plans failed and give rise to the world most successful Shia United Force.

The Guardian reported in this week Iraq analysis, “ISIS is on run, they have no where to hide, their last hideout has Fallujah, war is in success for Shia Army. They added that If Fullujah is completely cleared from ISIS, than its the end to the them.”

Shia United Forces is a kind of help, with supports from their most reliable allies Iran and Russia. Iraq this time is seems to be ultimately peaceful for rest of the life.




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