Jealousy Being Increased By The Use Of Social Networking

Skype, Twitter, Facebook and many other of the social media comes to my find when i think about the social media or any social networking. As we all know from the past due to economic concerns, connections and distance were very limited between several people. All over the world Social network has made it easy for us. Applications like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can be entertaining much as you think. How these applications have made this easy for us to connect to each other and look out for the people next door or may be across the nation or world in just one click.

In our life it is very important for us as we are very much customary to it. A question may emerge on whether the social media in only disturbing or helping in our life, can the social network only can increase awareness? Yes, there are many positive aspects of the social networking, such as aiding in catching criminals, finding people with the similar interest, staying in touch of people, helps in seeking jobs, raises awareness of the politics and much more. But there are many of the disadvantages about the social networking too, such as risk of fraud, invasion of privacy, wasting your time, but we merely experience is that the main issue is the increase of jealousy in masses.

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Jealousy is an exceptionally regular part of human instinct, it is a sentiment envy towards somebody in light of what they have or for what they’re getting consideration for. The social media, internet, innovation, so forth have made us more aware of and connected on what others are doing in their lives through pictures, updated statuses about each and every thing and on account of this, individuals begin to feel less about themselves. Many people compare themselves with other people, not only in their own circle of social society but in other people’s social circles too that may summon them to be jealous.

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Studies shows that the age group of 18 to 33 many people can may take the negativity on to their health psychologically which may lead to anxiety and depression. When statuses and pictures are posted by your friends about something special, any other success or about their relations, it may be noticed as they started to hate, may be block or unfriend them from their friend`s list.

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How would you keep yourself from feeling a similar way? Specialists say the most ideal approach to keep oneself from spiraling down a similar way is to put every one of the gadgets, that associate us some way or another to web-based social networking, to be kept down and a specific time cutoff ought to be set as to not over enjoy these propensities. Focus on your life and your own particular issues, and you’ll be a happy camper



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