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JIT reports can not mention a single incident in which Sharif family looted the public fund

In spite of the fact that the Joint Investigation Team has attempted to arraign every last individual from Mian Nawaz Sharif’s family in its report, including his political beneficiary, Maryam Nawaz, his significant other, two children and a girl who has so far stayed incredible in the media however in its 254-page report, the agents have neglected to bring a solitary proof that the Sharifs set up their organizations by plundering general society reserves.

The report has concentrated on numerous exchanges, organizations, arrangements and resource proclamations which simply have a place with the Sharif family yet couldn’t insight of any debasement in the general population exchequer and held that it were the privately-run companies of the Sharifs.

All what the JIT has attempted to set up is that there were abnormalities and irregularities between the greatness of the organizations and the budgetary strength of the Sharif family yet not on one event it has alluded to any commissions taken from any open tasks, any reward taken being individuals from the decision family, honor of agreements to top choices to extricate open assets, or some other degenerate practices. In real, the JIT has directed investigation of private organizations of the Sharifs set up between 1962 till date and reported inconsistencies, non-following of legitimate documentation (a typical practice in Pakistan even today) and being not able give appropriate cash trails of their organizations.



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