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lonely guests can take rental fish for €3.50 a night at a Belgian hotel

The fish companion program got the creative ability of the web after Michelle Cook, a radio maker, posted a photo of the fishbowl and sign on Twitter. The inscription read: “My companion is remaining in an inn in Belgium. They’ve offered her the choice of leasing a fish for the night, in the event that she’s forlorn.”

The note has been re-tweeted more than 10,000 times with analysts separated on the offer. A few people were eager and expressed they would book the fish, while others responded irately, saying contracting out creatures was injurious and raising worries about the span of the bowl. Lodging supervisor David Dillen told the daily paper that the fish rental administration has been running for quite a while and is mainstream with visitors. Dillen stated: “We began a couple of years back. The thought was to astound our visitors, as we generally attempt to do.



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