Lulu Hashimoto: living doll Japanese fashion model

Lulu – a full-body doll suit comprising of a wig, a cover and tights designed with doll-like joints – was conceived from one lady’s want to wind up noticeably adorable.

“I have dependably truly loved dolls and for me, the exemplification of charm is dolls,” said the 23-year-old mold creator Hitomi Komaki, who made Lulu.

Taking on the appearance of a mascot, called “kigurumi” in Japanese, is a prevalent work of art in Japan. Komaki has taken it to another level by making a body suit that resembles a doll and gives you a chance to move like a human.

The leggings worn by Lulu were made by kindred form architect Koh Ueno, who enhances with Photoshop doll-like joints onto the material.



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