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Make America Fail Again most suited slogan of Trump campaign

United State of America General Election 2016

America is claiming as superpower and world most established democracy.  But from 9/11 all the world map has been change. War that never end, has been started, first Afghanistan and then Iraq. Now interfering in Syria and Yemen, they want to take part in every world decision in which they are needed or not. This great nation is going to choose new Leader for them, but it is first time in history they are confused whom they vote. Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, they are confessed.


Donald Trump a racist person, as entire world knows. He talks about immigrants, that they should leave their country. He talks about Mexicans and black community, create very sense of insecurity to them. He consider all Muslim threat to entire world’s peace. And his main campaign were based on speeches against Muslims. Abusing them, making jokes of their religion, talking to through away them from US and many many more.

As World knows Muslims are peaceful, the terrorist has nothing to do with Islam. Islam speaks of peace and love in between communities. And one thing more, reports said , Taliban, ISIS, Buku Haram, Al-Nusra etc kills more Muslims than they killed Non-Muslims. So saying that ISIS or Taliban is claiming to be muslim, doesn’t mean that they are muslim. Slaughtering innocents is not what Islam teaches. Relating Muslim to savages is not a fair comparison.

Thousands of war crime cases are registered against US army, the most popular one was Bombing a School in Afghanistan, until no inquiry has been conducted, it doesn’t mean US Army is corrupt or their religion teaches them. These were their personal act their religion has nothing to do with this.

Trump understand the point, and saw Modi election success in India, he also abuse Muslims in his speech. Same tactics Trump is using But Americans are intelligent nation. They are confessed to vote Bad over Worse.

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for general election. She has a history of failure and lies. Being first woman candidate, she is not liked by women either. She has a great experience in lies and false polices.

We are praying for better America, in these unsafe hands. Let’s hope they change their policies and way of governing after electing.



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