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PTI serves legal notice to Ayesha Gulalai,demanding Rs 30 million

PTI spokesman Fawad chaudry told journalist  that the party would serve a legal notice to Gulalai and demanded that she apologies, reply to the letter to the within 10 days or pay  compensation to the tune of  Rs 30 million.                                       Chaudry said that former PTI-MNA Ayesha  Gulalai alleged on Imran khan that he sent her  inappropriate messages,but did not reveal any other details to support her allegations.                                                      She was asked for resign from MNA seat if she doesn’t, the party will ask election commission of Pakistan to de-notify her.                                                                                 He said  only a person who is eligible to be an MNA can head a party. Since the the supreme Court has disqualified Nawaz Sharif in the Panama papers Case, he no longer should  be the party president.                                                                                   PML-N currently an illegal party.                    Chaudry also asked about the Hudabiya papers  mill case against sharif family be reopened. 



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