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Model Girl Ayyan Ali in trouble again -Pakistan

Money laundering case reopen with another allegation for Model Girls Ayyan Ali, this time the allegations are very serious, about the death of customs officer murder. Ayyan Ali was arrested for taking black money out of the Pakistan. The case goes on for many months that she bailed out. And the case closed, for not suitable evidence…

On Thursday, Rawalpindi court issues arrest warrants in connection with the killing of customs inspector. Customs Inspector Chaudhry Ejaz Mahmood was shoot dead last year outside in house. He was the key witness in the case. His death turned the processed of the case slow and than the case seemed closed.

Chaudhry Ejaz Mahmood widow alleged Ayyan for killing his husband and demanded to take her in the investigation process. Ejaz Mahmood was shoot down by two unidentified gun men in Waris Khan area on June 2 2015. He died two days later.

Ejaz widow told police that, Ejaz talked to her about the pressure on him about this case, he was pressurized for withdrawing the case, as he didn’t withdraw the case, so at the end he was killed.




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