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Muslim family  attack brutally and robe in India

In Minipur district of Utar pardesh a Muslim family has robe on Wednesday while on board a train.A member of the family name Shakir said that we were attacked with rods and robbed us and molested the women.They didn’t even spare my 17 year  mentally disturb son.     They come inside the trains and snatched the women chains.                                      Some of the passengers who came to our help were also attacked too.The police filed the case and left three men in connection to the crime that left the family injured brutally.                                                             On the same day one other man who belong to the BJP party was being assaulted by the Maharashtr party. Ismail shah was hospitalised with serious injuries,who was accused of carrying beef Muslim constitute about 14 percent of india population .                                         Over last two years the vigilante groups who called themselves the cow protecters have been active in small towns and cities across India.



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