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One of many reasons of Islamic State defeat

Islamic State defeat

History showcases past event from which we learn. In my option two are the world’s best teachers; the Failure and the History. Lesson taught by these two will never be forget by those who faced them, in a good way a bad one.

History taught us lesson that wars are not to be fought by people and power but wars are won by strategies, determination, believe on your faith and the most important one is “The Courage“. As once a wise man once said, “Faith is the most Purest thing one can imagine.”

Syria in 2009 hit by the most dangerous storm, it shake down entire country. Very peace loving peoples were surprised to see, what is happening to their homeland. They didn’t knew at first, but than they realised that their bad days have been started. The birth of ISIS, the worst killers of all times, they only killed people. The best negotiation was in their rule book was to kill you quick with many bullets. They invented new methods of killing, the cut out babies from mothers bellies and then slaughter them.

But as I said earlier wars are fought by courage and determinations. Your have to be ready for facing worst times and hardships on war front, than no one can defeat you. It happened in Syria, Iraq and with Kurdish people, they all came out to fight the most brutal army of history on their respective fronts. And they result are known to the world, as The Guardian said, It the end to ISIS if they Shia United Armies fought like they are fighting.

Syrian were untrained at first, they start learn to fight and they did great. Iraqis fought with full strength and they prove it. Kurdish has unique way of fighting, and I must say; they are the most brave people I ever witnessed, I saw their women fighting(the unique way if said), with their men. They are doing the best on battle field. They invites ISIS to attack them, and then they just kills them, to make their weekend lovely.

Courage is defeating Islamic State and its facilitators. Steadfastness ruined their glory, they were undefeatable, but they got a very cracking blow. They lost the war, they are on run, their command and control system is completely destroyed.

I read a story of seventeen year beautiful boy, named Hadi martyred in Syria, a courageous boy fought bravely. This is the only one reason of ISIS defeat, when young came to the front to save their motherland. Hadi is only one example, there are thousand of them, written with golden words. This proves no power is bigger than your willpower and courage. Boys like Hadi tell the world, that death is nothing in front of them. I read a story of mother who lost her eight sons in Syria, when the interviewer asked her what are they main reason behind your tears, Is that your sons; she said , “No, I am crying for my bad luck that I have now no son left to fight these murderer and terrorist named as ISIS”

Wars are won by courage and courage only. 



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