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Palestinian are happy by the Israelis act of removal of metals from Al Aqsa

Thousands of Muslims have flocked to the holy site Jerusalem for the first organised prayers in almost  two weeks after Israel removed controversial security measures placed at the entrance of Al Aqsa masjid.    Jordan welcomed the Israeli act of removal security from Masjid ul Aqsa, that as an occupying power Israel has no right to impose changes on the ground.                  Jordanian government spokesman says dismantling the devices need to calm the situation.                                                          Palestinian mountedthe roof of Al Aqsa masjid and waved their national flag in celebration.                                             Muslim official called  for a boycott of prayers at the compound,known to Muslims  as noble sanctuary and Jews as the Temple mount.                                     Rivals Palestinian faction Hamas and  Fatah both called for mass protests Friday in east Jerusalem   and the West Bank.           Israel had installed metal detectors,additional security cameras and other devices after gunmen killed two police officers there in mid July. 



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