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Peshawar Based Musician Composed New Game of Throne Theme Song

Game of Throne finale has been aired last month, it got huge viewership, peoples are mad about the whole series. Every episode won A* score and finale got full marks. The fever of GoT is very high, people are doing amazing things to express their love. Some are paint tattoos, some paints the painting of the characters and some makes their look like famous stars. But music bands in Peshawar records a new theme song for there favorite TV Serial.

A joint venture of Khumariyaan and former Qayaas member Sarmad Ghafoor, who has been more of a mentor for the band for quite some time, the Game of Thrones theme cover might also be accompanied by a video.


They Said, “No one has actually tried to make a rubab cover of this song,” he said, adding that the release is likely to come end July. The arrangement, he said, is quite Pashto. When asked to elaborate, Rawail said, “Most Pashto compositions are in the seven-beat cycle. We wanted to do seven but it wasn’t working out well so we went with six. We have tried to retain the Pashto flavour with that.”




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