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Political parties cannot be disqualified over a fake certificate,SC tells PML _N lawyer 

During the hearing of Tahreek i Insaaf(PTI) foreign funding case on Tuesday,Chief Justice of SC said that there is no law that states that a political party can be disqualified on the basis of fake certificate.  A three members bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, hearing a petition,seeking disqualification of PTI chairman Imran Khan and secretary general Jhangir Tareen  for non disclosure of  assets.                                                     Chief justice Nisar said nor the presentation of people act neither the political parties act mention that the party disqualified for submitting the fake certificate ,responding to Akram sheikh Abbasi lawyer.                                               Sheikh accused PTI of receiving fund from US exceeding one million dollars,  which is against the US law.However chief justice said that American lawis not applicable in Pakistan.                                                   Shiekh argued that if PTI  has not disclosed   its donar  name ,the party must be disqualified according to article 62 and 63 of constitution. “It is written in the law that person  will be disqualified for not disclosing its assets”  Sheikh claimed that PTI received billions of dollars as foreign forbidden fund.                                              The lawyer arguments that charity projects were also funded by the foreign. The judges dismissed the point” that law  does not forbid the foreign adds for charity purposes.”



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