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Qandeel’s New Husband and a New son

Qandeel famous for her bold talks, hot photo shoots and recently a very hot song with Aryan Khan. Her fame was increased by night, she hosted many shows. Her scandal with Mufti Abdul Qavi got millions of views of social media.

A wise man once sad to me, fame has to end some day for some who don’t deserve it. The saying comes true and the fame broke like a glass hitting a hard floor. Like this saying Qandeel fake fame broke like her fake family name Baloch.


Her Husband leaked out her pictures, and Qandeel than starts crying. Update status I will fight till night lolz. Not till night but to the last battle field. Than quickly I realized that, “Don’t messed with God.” The fake honor of her whole vulgarity, finished completely to the ground.

Her husband name is Ashiq Hussain. They married got in 2008, He said they had love marriage. And the most shocking of them is she had a seven year son. Ashiq Hussain said, she wrote love letters. She demands  cars, lush life, banglos and many other expensive wishes that only a Jin can full fill, said Her husband.


But Qandeel told different story,

“I was only 17 years old when I was forcefully married to this person. I did not like him; never had any interest in him. He started beating me up after marriage.”

“When I decided to get separated from him and asked parents for help, they did not help me,” Baloch said.

“Why I am being scandalized for marriage. Marriage is not a sin,” she lamented.

She reasserted that she was married to Aashiq without her will. She also denied writing love letters to her ex husband.

Her real name is “AZEEM FOUZIA”, she is from Dera Ghazi Khan. Now what will be the fate of Qandeel or AZEEM. Let’s wait a few days.



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