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Russian Helicopter Shot Down: Syria War

On going war in Syria claims many lives of brave Russian soldiers. They are fighting like frontline ally, are using all of its force to eliminate Islamic State and Al-Nusra terrorist. In ongoing fight in Syrian most important city Aleppo, Russian Helicopter was shot down taken lives of five soldiers.

The Mi-8 transporter was brought down by rebels, Russia says, in northern Idlib province.

It was returning from delivering humanitarian aid to the besieged city of Aleppo, the defence ministry said.

No group yet claimed the responsibility of incident but Idlib province is stronghold of Al-Nusra terrorist.

Three crew members and two officers are among the deceased.

Pictures on social media, purportedly of the latest Russian helicopter downing, showed burning wreckage and bodies, with armed men milling around.

Footage showed at least one body being dragged away. Another is seen apparently being trampled on.




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