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Samia Shahid death: Ex-husband admits Pakistan ‘honour killing’

Samia Shahid 28, was working as a beautician in Bradford, was murdered in North Punjab (Attock). It was a case of Honor killing as police find out in early crime scene investigation. A post-mortem examination has since confirmed she died as a result of being strangled, police said.

Police arrested Samia’s ex-husband, on suspicion of murder. In police custody the Ex-husband Chaudhry Muhammad Shakeel admitted, he tighten Samia with scarf around neck until her last breath.


The reason behind Samia Shahid’s killing was a kind of Honor, she married Syed Mukhtar Kazim, her ex-husband was angry with her decision. Murderer was cousin of Samia, He strangled her with neck and kill to death.

Police made arrests, and further investigations are carrying out to find further culprit in the murder. They think some other people may be involved in Samia death.




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