Samsung is Introducing Wireless Speakers in 2017

The new product of Samsung, H7 Wirless speaker, is coming forth with its good features of shape  and sound. It can change an ordinary voice into an immense voice with having Wireless Speakers.

These speakers use the technology of Samsung’s own audio upscaling which is known as Ultra-High Quality audio. It has the capacity of taking 8 0r 24 -bit  audio to upscale it to 32 bit ,taking it too near to the original voice.

Samsung applies  the technology of ‘Distortion Cancelling’ in order to make the edges smooth.

Many other companies also apply Digital Upscaling but are not successful in this part to have the needed outcomes.

Samsung also use  a blending  an organic design in  its speaker. Two wheels are located on the top to handle the playlist and volume.

Samsung has a MS750 sound bar and highly minimalist design as well.





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