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Syrian Army New Experiment in Aleppo War

Aleppo is strategically important city for both Syrian Army and Islamic State. Because it is some how the wide way to Turkey and then to Europe. Being such importance geographically both the groups wants the place in their own control. Some analyst are saying that the success of Islamic State was due to the control of this important city for such a long time.

Aleppo is tricky city, many buildings and crowded communities. But now there are only buildings what are remains. Islamic State Terrorists are hiding in these buildings. So it was hard to find them in each building. So a new experiment with Drone has been tested for the first time by Syrian army and it turns into great success. In one day operation many of the terrorist hideouts has been destroyed.

Drone attacks was tested on Thursday, with huge success ratio, syrian army is thinking to use them in coming days also.




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