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Terrorism  a technique of war started first in 2001

The attacks on World Trade Center in September 2001 was the initiative of  war of terrorism.some attempts were made to explain it but no meaningful results come out.The word terrorism was first used in the French Revolution in 1795.                  Although the phenomenon has existed centuries before and its first practioner was believed to be the Hassan bin Sabah nearly in 11th century. We claim to know it but failed to explain.                                       US state department once floated a text that deliberately  targeting the non -combatant to achieve the political objective,it made a America the leading terrorist entity.                                                The Late Sir Hilary  Synnott was once the British high Commissioner in Pakistan,  called terrorism a war of technique. Even war between conenational armies have been willfully targeted.                             America is not only the perpetrator of terror but also a beneficiary ,the rest of us rather forgiving.US policies making the Al Qaida and militant islamic state( IS) groups.Writer : former head of ISI.



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