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The battle between He and She -United State Election 2016

The Final Battle

United State of America is in final stage to elected its new President. History making moment for Hillary Clinton to become first woman president of country. As leading Democratic party, she has beaten some of the best candidates, and become favorite for this race. On other hand Donald Trump emerged as very quickly without having clearly any political background, and selected as Republican candidate for general election.

Strong battle is expected between these two candidates, both have strong people’s power and huge votes bank. They have separate agendas for there campaigns, and different visions also. Trump want to make America great again by kicking out all immigrants, peace by clean America from muslim, increase jobs, solving economy issues. And the major one is to Build a wall.

While Hillary is playing some safe, she is saying”Do all the good”, and expressive in saying No harm, Do good. Spreading a  message of peace. Actually she is campaigning like Democratic way. In Democratic Nation Convention she has been selected to take party into the election as their leader, while she faced a very tough competition. Her speech are so much moving for me, I love she talks like a true leader. If she starts with a clear vision, she will beat Trump easily and also by not repeating her mistakes of past again. Her lies are so much popular in history which defame her many times, she will not have to lie again to the peoples otherwise it will end her political career.

Donald Trump is harsh in policies, he wants to complete all those time taking jobs in one term.

  • Immigrants are big issue to many countries, but they are tackling it with great care and respect. Europe is facing huge problem due to illegal immigrants and some recent incidents stated clear involvement of immigrants but these countries are doing great in adjusting immigrant in their specific place. But like Trump they are not harsh to them.
  • building a wall, is another very big issue, it is not easy to just starts building wall, it is a time taking job, requires a great amount of strategies.
  • Muslim seems to him as the terrorists, all muslims, as they are saying loudly even death have heard them that they have nothing to do with terrorist. Killing innocents is doing no good to Islam, but Trump is continuously saying that they should to be ban from entering their country. But on other hand Trump has some good relationship with Arabs, and we all know Arabs are the biggest funder of terrorism in most part of the world. Trump needs to distinguish between good and bad Muslim and respects Islam as it requires.
  • Economy is also big problem for him, as four time bankrupted he needs to have take some intelligent steps to make American economy great again. Not to repeat his failure after become next president.


America is going to select their next leader, may the next leader not carries the country great but also take the rest of the world under consideration in making new policies.




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