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The dark side of our society- Honor killing

Killing for Fake Honor

Honor killing is the killing of your relative specially women or girls that brought shame and dishonor to family. Honor killing ratio has not decrease by the growing rate of education. This act takes lives of too many women and innocent girls.

Honor killing has a very old history. I will say it began some time after the birth of first human being. But it took lives of more women than men. Honor killing has a bad history with Arabs. They used to Bury their newly born daughters because they thought they were shame to them. This was very common 1400 years back. But the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) stop these Arabs savages from doing this. Prophet(p.b.u.h) showed them real place of women in Islam.

Honor killing is very common these days in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. There are some tribes in these nation who don’t allow a girl to love someone. They believe there fathers are ultimate power. If a girl do this they just killed that girl. And in many cases kills the boy who loved her too.

Recent incident of Honor killing occurred in Pakistan, where a brother killed her sister named Qandeel baloch a popular celebrity because she was very vulgar. She clicked bold photographs and her most recent song gain a bad fame. Waseem his brother sad a baloch couldn’t bear it to let her sisters entertain others and he is feeling proud on what he did.

In 2013 Pakistan topped the list of honor killing by 869 kills. India and Pakistan both have recorded rates of ‘honor’ killings of around 1000 per year, although as ever figures remain unreliable. The levels of such crimes are less known in Bangladesh, but there have been cases in diasporic Bangladeshi communities so there is a potential risk there.

Governments in all these nations and other known for honor killed should take some steps to counter his curse from their society. This is a cancer which can be treated by changing minds and ideas.



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