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The Land of Afghanistan needs Peace

Everyone think they should preach their own religions in the land of Afghanistan. Osama bin Ladin came here from Saudi Arabia where being Islamic country there is huge amount of vulgarity. But Osama came Afghanistan, he started the never end line of killing. He by the help of his gods, destroy Afghanistan, recovered from USSR wars, they beautiful and decent people again fall into another war.

Again after 9/11 US attacked Afghanistan, the aim was to bring peace in world. But there is no peace since 9/11, world is in continuous trouble. Life of Afghan never change, their loved one killed by various ways, by Bomb blasts, by shooting, by slaughtering etc.

Afghan has culture to welcome stranger to their homes and give them proper respect. But world is against Afghans, they want to resolve their issues on Afghan’s soil. Poor Afghans are demanding to preach their respective religions in their respective states. And leave them in peace.




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