Army Control The Mob Attacks on Ahmadiyya mosque in Dulmial, Chakwal.

The channels thunder with “Mohammad ka roza qareeb aaraha feed”, the building are decorated with deeyas and chiraghaan, families get ready zardas and halwas and biryanis and pulaos and mithai to send as fatiha: It is the day of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH’s) introduction to the world and passing commemoration, a favorable event that calls for festivity in the greater part of the Muslim world.


The religiously charged swarm was determined to bust some skulls: hoping to decimate property as well as make mischief the 40 individuals introduce in the mosque at the time.

Driven by priest Sayed Sibtul Hasan Shah, the battle was regarded as a “win” since the Ahmadis had been driven out of their mosque. The priest drove adherents of Eid Milad Ud Nabi rally toward the mosque after requests of giving over the premises to the pastors had been rejected. The forceful protestors were conveying weapons, pelting stones and brought about a discharge.


The mob which numbered more than 1,000 was a piece of a parade commending the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad when it assaulted the minority Ahmadiyya people group’s Mosque in Dulmial town, Chakwal. Around 40 admirers who were available in the Mosque secured themselves as the swarm opened fire and heaved rocks.

In the long run you figure out how to live with the divisions within you. It is, be that as it may, insufficient. There are laws which say that you can’t act naturally, regardless of how cracked that self is. You can rehearse your confidence, however just on the off chance that you call it by another name; you can welcome individuals yet just with outsider words; you can vote, yet just in the event that you nullify your own particular character; and you can breath, yet just on the off chance that you stifle on a similar air that is intended to maintain you




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