The Real Face Of India Government

Kashmir the word hold in it, pity, love, pain, complete devotion to a greater cause, sacrifices, freedom and ultimate happiness. Kashmir as we know is known to be the heaven on earth. But this heaven is made hell by Indian brutality. India is so called the largest democracy, is the biggest violator of United Nation Resolution, which stated that “Kashmir issue should be solved by the will of the people of Kashmir.”

India this time is losing control. The seven hundred thousand troops are seem powerless. Their killing are reported in every international news papers. There killing has been shared on Social Media. There acts are open to viewer this time. They are not in control of problems this time. They jailed many senior leaders. But the voice has not been suppressed before and not will now.

Recent reports said 1 killed 12 injured in fresh protest. Indian media is connecting these fights after killing militants leader but the facts are different, they open fires on innocent youth while they were protesting for their right.

Human rights are not for Kashmir, because in there book they are not human. They are not protesting, while they have to launch worldwide protests, they are disappeared from the story. They can light candles for shooting of two man, but they are not ready to do the same for Kashmir.

United Nation is acting like a weak organisation. They are doing nothing while they have power to stop India from committing war crimes. The could condemn Hitler for killing Jews, but they could not speak a single word for Kashmir.

Freedom will be at last served, they will be freed in near future. Their blood will show its magic and Kashmir will rise again. India will regret for what they did. Peace will be welcomed.

All these acts of Indian Army is showing their true face. And Modi agenda for Kashmir. They forcefully occupied this area for more than 65 years.

Pakistan will observed Black Day on 19 July for innocents killing in the area.



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1 Comment

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    July 19, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    YEs its ture

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