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The Wait Is Over ‘Balu Mahi’ Is On Screens!

Pakistani Media especially the film industry of Pakistan has reached at its highest peak within last two years. A recent Pakistani movie trailer ‘ Balu Mahi”by Haissam Hussain is  being watched all over the country with its latest mode of music and dance. The trailer with having its crazy moods and unique title song has made all fans amazed.

Music and dance of the movie trailer shows a unique style of production, under which every feet is uncontrollable to bend their bodies. The movie with classy black background and magical scenes  has dazed it’s viewers. Any Jaffri and Osman have appeared in new look and wearings to shatter their fans.

The music of Balu Mahi is dazzling enough to listen and watch for many times without letting listeners and viewers bored. Rahat Fatah  Ali Khan and Sahir Ali Bagga with tuneful voices have excited their fans.As these fans were waiting for too long to watch the video of Balu Mahi after release of movie trailer, but now their patience is no more there to be examined, they can watch it anytime on their screens.




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