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Turkey says Pakistan should close Golan’s institutes

Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Sadiq Babar hoped that Pakistan should close down the self exiled Turkish leader in Amirica Golan’s educational  institutes in the country.

According to the state news agency APP, Sadiq Babar told that Turkey has appealed the friends countries to stop all activities of the Golan group.

He told in a press briefing that a failed coup was designed by Golan in country, for that we have solid proofs.


Turkish leader Golan, living on asylum in USA.

It is to be noted that Golan group is operating Pak Turk schools in Pakistan.

Turk ambassador further added that we are in contact with Pakistani officials, while we have strong relations with Pakistan.

It is worth mentioning that Turkey alleged that Golan is responsible for the military coup, to topple democracy. Golan is living on asylum in United Sates of America.



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