Warid and Mobilink Converging Into Jazz

Warid and Mobilink are going to combine to form a new brand “Jazz”.

This new brand company will have its name “Jazz”.

Still we are not sure about its confirmation but according to a  message in the video given by Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Mobilink,
“I have to share some news with you. As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, there are few more things I wanted to say goodbye to. So its been a great run with Mobilink but I think its time to say goodbye to Mobilink and to Mobilinkers.

As the circle of life, people come and people go, things come and things go.

I hope you can join me at on Monday 5PM in the courtyard, so I can personally thank you and say goodbye to all my Mobilink friends.

On asking from the Director PR of Mobilink, Mr, Anjum Rehman, he didn’t disclose anything about this new brand. It seems there is something going to be a huge development in the telecom industry of Pakistan,  so he is reluctant to disclose it soon.

It is also considered that Jazz company will lead all other telecom brands of the country. It will become a good connector between Warid and Mobilink networks.

This new step in telecom industry will also play a primary role in upholding telecom market in Pakistan.




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