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Whoever digs a pit will fall into it -Munich Shootout

I was shocked when my friend texted me on Whatspp, told me about Munich shootout. I started to think about these terrorist attacks in Europe, suddenly I remembered an article which I read 2-3 years back, the writer compiled figures about Islamic State funding sources, he wrote that most of recruits in ISIS are from Europe and Turkey, the funding is done by these states, including Saudi Arabia and Emirates states. just Google it “EU funding ISIS”, and see the results.

I want to clear my point by quote a proverb, “Whoever digs a pit will fall into it”. It is happening to EU. They are under ISIS attack.

The same ISIS when slaughter 770 Iraqi Shias, Europe doesn’t issue a statement against them. For reference I am sharing the incident pictures.


And Video… !

ISIS Raped thousands of teen girls, shoot small kids, destroyed mosques, homes, markets, cities etc, but west said nothing. No one in Facebook said to their CEO to change profile pictures for them. This is what double standards are, they didn’t went against ISIS because ISIS were killing Muslims, and they were safe in their homes.

As a human we condemn all these killing incidents happening in West or any other place in the world. But it is reaction to their own actions. West has to change their polices they should acts truly against all terrorist groups. This is complete and final solution. Otherwise they will fell in their own pits.



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